Episode #104 “How To Become More Mindful & Wealthy”

Mary Martin, Ph.D. | Author | Mindfulness for Financial Advisors


Mary is a decades-long meditator, trauma-sensitive mindfulness educator and guide. That means she educates people of all ages about mindfulness and its many benefits and guides them in developing their own mindfulness practice.

She has been committed to teaching mindfulness since she became a parent in 2010. Mary has a doctoral study in Applied Linguistics from New York University’s School of Teaching and Learning. Mary teaches Mindfulness-Based Stressed Reduction (MBSR).

Mary enjoys speaking with parents, administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders in search of a way to bring mindfulness to their schools or clarify what mindfulness is and what it isn’t.


  • How to cultivate the courage to investigate and make sense of where our “striving comes from”
  • How we can use mindfulness to “wake up to life”
  • The value of “noticing” the meaning and stories behind our financial behaviours
  • Mary discusses why we struggle to become more financially self-aware
  • How we can “open up to ourselves” to create a “rich” life
  • How being financial mindfully can help move us from a “human doer” to a “human being.”
  • How self-compassion can change your life
  • The value of sitting with your discomfort, suffering and misery


  • “What is it like to be a human being” – Mary Martin
  • “Self-compassion opens your heart; to yourself.”- Mary Martin


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