Episode #105 “How To Increase Your Financial Well-Being”

Elaine King MBA, CFP®, CDFA™, CFBA, ACC | Author | Financial Planner


Elaine King has worked with more than 1,200 families creating practical and actionable strategies focused on wealth planning, financial education, succession planning, social impact, and family governance.

Elaine has an advanced certificate in Family Business Advising (ACFBA) and is a certified financial planner™ professional (CFP®) considered an expert in international family finances and is an ambassador of the CFP® board. She is the founder and president of Family and Money Matters™ since 2012 whose mission is to empower the family’s human and financial capital to reach financial well-being.

She is the author of eight published books about financial planning two of them “Family and Money Matters Next Gen” and “  ” which were awarded the Best Latino Book Award. She is also the author of “Saltarín”, a children’s book pioneering in teaching kids the value of financial planning.


  • How our cultures influence our money stories
  • The value of understanding the origins of our money stories
  • How embracing our financial fears can provide us with positive lessons
  • Elaine explains how she found financial peace within her money story
  • Why ask ourselves questions such as “what does debt mean?” increase our financial wellness
  • We answer the ever-important question of “what is wealth?”
  • Elaine shares how we can improve our financial well-being
  • Elaine discusses the Four Capitals of Wealth:
    • Financial
    • Human
    • Intellectual
    • Social


  • “Transform your family finances with purpose” Elaine King
  • “Wealth is……balance” Elaine King
  • “I live in peace and that does not have a price” Elaine King


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