Episode #44: “Sailing the World and How Organizing Physical Surroundings Can Organize Finances”

With Dr. Robin Raniero Norris Ph.D. | Therapist | Founder of Windward Optimal Health

Dr. Robin Raniero Norris has been a marriage and family therapist for 20 years.  She uses a strength-based approach with individuals, couples, and families in which money is a subject.  Topics she has assisted clients with have included beginning budgeting behaviors, multigenerational finance decisions, and new or sudden wealth considerations.  She is a Boston College Double Eagle and is an assistant professor with Old Dominion University in Virginia. She teaches her students to tackle life’s choices “early and often.” Health, wealth, and organization are all keys in her mind to life being lived to the fullest.  When away from her time with Windward Optimal Health, she enjoys family, books, laughing with friends, gardening, and anything sailing related.


Dr. Robin Raniero Norris’ website CLICK HERE

Dr. Robin Raniero Norris LInkedIn

Quotes from Dr. Robin Raniero Norris

  • Change is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Be a part of it.
  • We are all like single stars in the sky until we realize we are a part of a constellation.
  • There can be comfort inside the chaos.
  • We are all on a fixed income called, “time.”
  • Make a life with kids, not simply for or about them.
  • Humour can be an emotion in the stages of grief.

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