Finding Flow: Your Path to More Money Joy

With Dr. Jordan Hutchison | VP of Technology | Financial Planning & Behavioral Finance Adjunct Professor | Podcast Host |


Dr. Jordan Hutchison, a leading figure in financial technology and planning, serves as the Vice President of Technology at RFG Advisory and an adjunct professor at Kaplans College for Financial Planning. With a wealth of experience, numerous certifications, and advanced degrees, Jordan focuses on pushing RFG to the forefront of wealth technology. He collaborates with advisors to integrate cutting-edge solutions, cultivate relationships with industry leaders, and innovate strategies that elevate both client and advisor experiences. Jordan also hosts the RFG Disruption Blueprint podcast’s monthly feature, Game Film with Dr. J, where he explores topics at the intersection of technology, education, and innovation in the financial industry.

Why You Should Listen:

Dr. Hutchison as he explores the question “What Makes Life Worth Living?” through the lens of financial planning. Dr. Hutchinson discusses the concept of flow and its integration into financial planning. Flow is a state of deep absorption that is intrinsically motivating, has clear goals, and provides immediate feedback. It is a unique and fulfilling experience found in various aspects of life, including work and personal activities. Understanding flow can help individuals navigate life transitions and find fulfillment. Integrating flow into financial planning involves having conversations about what makes life worth living and identifying activities that bring engagement and enjoyment. Flow can enhance overall well-being and contribute to a meaningful and fulfilling life. The conversation explores the concept of flow and its impact on well-being, relationships, and financial decisions. It emphasizes the importance of finding flow in various aspects of life and being purposeful in creating opportunities for flow. The chapters cover topics such as the impact of flow on well-being, the power of play and simple pleasures, the spillover effect of flow, flow in work and relationships, flow in group engagement, and understanding the rhythm of life.


  • Flow is not just a pleasant experience, but it also has a positive impact on wellbeing and happiness.
  • Play and simple pleasures can be sources of flow and happiness.
  • Flow can have a spillover effect, leading to more energy and vigor in other areas of life.
  • Finding flow in work and relationships can enhance fulfillment and happiness.
  • Group engagement can create flow experiences.
  • Being purposeful and intentional in creating opportunities for flow is important.
  • Understanding the rhythm of life and balancing saving and experiencing life’s pleasures is crucial for a happy and healthy relationship with money.
  • Using financial resources to address the fundamental question, “What makes life worth living?”


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