Time or Money?

RootHub has been traveling the world utilizing music to heal and lift spirits for almost two decades. His career and life hit an inflection point when he left the hustle and bustle of the LA music scene behind. He decided to choose “time” over “money” and moved to Hawaii.

Thanks to his decision to choose “time” over “money, in Roothub’s words, his “cosmic bank account” is massive. During this episode we dive deep into Roothub’s relationship with money and discuss how he left the “normal” life behind to pursue his dreams. Roothub is living a life many would consider a dream. He lives on a farm in Hawaii and travels around the world planning music. He walks us through how and why he made this decision to leave the 9 to 5 behind.

The path of music began for him, when at 18 months doctors successfully  performed an operation,  which gave Roothub the ability to hear for the first time. Roothub, singer, songwriter,  and creator began his career in 2005, when he toured through Europe and South America . In 2013 he started playing alongside many other famous singers  like  Erica and Janet Stone . Using consciousness lyrics and on the fly music and rhythms, Roothub helps create a space unbound by time  and attachment which is sure to provide people with happiness and peace . He also conducts workshops, which help unleash the power of expression for each and every individual.


Instagram : @roothub

LinkedIn : @Roothub

Website: www.roothub.com

Mail : roothub@gmail.com


“I have a treasure no vault can hold” – Roothub

Shaun Maslyk gives a brief introduction on Roothub [00:28] Roothub explains the initial reaction he gets from his clients,  when he walks in holding a guitar and wearing flip flops [6:03] Roothub talks about his quest into the wild, which helped him develop himself (spending about 700 dollars in the year) [8:55] Roothub talks about the difficulty that people face in finding their true passion, and how they end up following money and not happiness [20:13] Roothub speaks on how “Happinness depends on the level of our thoughts” and his safety net and cosmic bank account [24:20] Discussion on “safety net”, and how to break out of the extreme fear of the future and want of security in life [29:32] Roothub talks about his money story growing up and the conflict between “internal and external” needs [35:54] A detailed discussion on the idea -“oppression of privilege” and on how to prevent materialistic ideas [40:36] Roothub explains the story behind his guitar [43:40] Discussion on “fulfillment” and “identity” [47:00] Roothub shares an anecdote which focuses on mutualism and expanded vision on stakeholding [49:03] Roothub’s definition of wealth [51:40] Roothub hub sings a beautiful impromptu song (instant anthem) [57:00] Roothub responds to the question ” If you were 90 years old, and had to look back at this time of your life,  how would you see yourself.” [1:02:51]

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