Podcast Episode #3: If you want more, desire less

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This week we learn about the Petaskes’ money mantra “If you want more……….desire less”.

Carolyn and Ryan are proud parents of two young ones.  They love their children more than anything else in the world, but second to that would be leaving them with Grandma and Grandpa and going on a trip together.  They are friendly down to earth people that love a good conversation.  Carolyn is the analytical yogi and Ryan is the social goof and they both believe that how you do anything is how you should do everything.

Key Lessons:

  • “If you want more, desire less” the Petaskes
  • How taking paternity leave changed Ryan’s life
  • How their childhood has impact their money relationships today
  • How Ryan and Carolyn make financial decisions that align with their values
  • How mindful spending has helped their financial relationships
  • How the Petaskes have designed their lives to be active and present with their kids
  • Hearing their definition of “success” is inspiring


Ryan and Carolyn  are a power couple, who about 5 years ago, broke out from the usual mould and decided to start  their own company. Ryan claims to be a part time stay at home dad, and a part time business owner. They run their business together and are here to discuss their views on saving money, and at the same time living a happy and contented life with the family. They share their various experiences and explain how a good work-life balance is necessary for inner peace and confidence.

[2:18] Ryan gives a brief introduction on who they are and what they do

[3:33] Ryan and Carolyn explain what prompted them to move differently in their careers, and how their children acted as a catalyst of change

[5:35] Shaun talks about the iceberg model and the notion of toxic positivity

[6:45] Shaun starts a questionnaire, with Ryan and Carolyn answering the question ” when you think about money, what do you feel?”

[10:03] Ryan and Carolyn explain how they manage money, when they are out traveling or dining at restaurants

[15:15] Ryan and Carolyn explain about their personal “Money Mantra” and how the idea of their company came into being

[21:14] Shaun discusses various money scripts with Ryan and Carolyn, including  those like “Money avoidance” (money conversations are avoided at all costs), “Money is the key to success”, “Money equals status”, and  “Spending money is hard-because you want to save” (Money vigilance)

[24:15] “Can we feel successful without having a million dollars in our pocket?”

[27:32] Ryan talks about his childhood and how status and money are related to each other

[32:29] Ryan and Carolyn explain what money meant to them growing up, and expand on their own “money story”

[39:50] Carolyn explains the difference between using “money as a tool” and having toxic practices that make you broke, cites personal examples

[40:45] Ryan talks about his parents and their money practices

[43:09] Discussion on “Delayed gratification”, and on balancing work/money and free time

[48:05] Ryan and Carolyn respond to the question,  “what would you do, If you were given 10 million dollars today?”, and on whether it would make them happier than they were before


1.”The way you do anything, is the way you do everything” -Ryan

 2.”If you want more, Desire less” – Carolyn

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