The Scientific Research Behind Money-Related Personality of Self-Made Millionaires

Dr.Sarah (Stanley) Fallaw, Ph.D. | President DataPoints | Author |


Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D. is the author of The Next Millionaire Next Door and the founder and President of DataPoints LLC, a behavioral assessment advisor-tech company. In her role at DataPoints and her research, Dr. Fallaw continues the study on self-made wealth begun by her late father, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door. Dr. Fallaw’s research on the psychology of wealth has been featured in numerous conferences and publications, and she consults with firms worldwide on measuring client money personality. Dr. Fallaw received her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Georgia in 2003. She lives in East Cobb, Georgia, with her husband and daughters.

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, we’ll explore using personality traits to predict financial behaviors and turning income into wealth. We discuss the emotional side of money and how it reveals insights about ourselves. We’ll challenge traditional views on wealth, revealing its deeper dimensions and the unique traits of self-made millionaires.

We’ll uncover behavioural patterns that predict financial success and the profound impact of personality on wealth. How focusing on personal growth, not societal comparisons, is timeless wisdom from self-made millionaire research. Additionally, you’ll learn the power of inner self-control in securing your financial future.


  • Discussing the Power of Personality: Explore using personality traits as a financial crystal ball.
  • From Income to Lasting Wealth: Learn to transform your income into lasting financial security.
  • Emotions and Money: Discover how emotions offer deep financial self-awareness.
  • A Fresh Perspective on Wealth: Challenge preconceptions with a multidimensional view of wealth.
  • Understanding who Millionaires are: Dr. Fallaw deciphers the unique traits of self-made millionaires.


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