Episode #42 “Maximizing Returns Using Positive Psychology”

With Dr. Martin Seay Ph.D. | Department Head and Professor of Financial Planning


Martin Seay, Ph.D., CFP®, is an Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University, where he teaches in the CFP Board registered undergraduate and Ph.D. programs. His research has been recognized by the Financial Planning Association FPA Annual Conference, the CFP Board of Standards Financial Planning Award, and others.


  • How we can move from financially functioning to flourishing
  • What is positive psychology, and how it applies to personal finances
  • What are the strengths required to thrive in this world?
  • How “listening” and “hearing” are the key to effective communication
  • The importance of “meeting people where they are at”
  • How positive emotions lead to positive outcomes
  • Using the PERMA model to increase well-being
  • The benefits of a gratitude letter


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