Episode #31: “What Are Your Money Hopes?”

With Dr. Kristy Archuleta | Professor, Speaker, Author


D. Archuleta is a Professor in financial planning at University Georgie, a speaker, an author, and one of the Financial Therapy Association’s founders.

Originally trained as a psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Archuleta has now established herself with an international reputation in the area of financial therapy. This area integrates psychological, relational, and financial factors affecting individual, couple, and family well-being.

Dr. Archuleta is a co-author of two books, has won numerous awards and has well over 50 publications.


  • How our stories influence our careers, financial outcomes and much more
  • The importance of setting financial boundaries with your children
  • How and when to communicate about money around your children
  • Why understanding “ourselves” is critical when raising financially healthy children
  • Why understanding our money stories are so important for our financial health?
  • Using solution-focused therapy techniques, gain control over our money stories
  • Why focusing on your financial positives over financial negatives can be much more effective
  • Why focusing on financial hope is so powerful


  • “It’s never starting too early to start talking about money” Dr. Archuleta
  • “What are your best hopes for your financial future?” Dr. Archuleta


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