Episode #30: “The Power of Money Beliefs”

With Dr. Moira Somers Ph.D | Financial Psychologist | Author | Speaker


Dr. Somers is a nationally recognized expert on financial psychology with a particular interest in the factors that affect people’s financial decisions and actions. 

Her book, Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice that People Will Follow, has become an international bestseller. It tackles, head-on, the problem of unimplemented financial advice. 


  • Why we don’t make the financial decisions we want
  • We explore the structural and system issues that influence why/how professional athletes go bankrupt 
  • How casinos and banks can be complicit in bankruptcies/financial issues
  • How money doesn’t change people, rather it is an accelerant 
  • How “financial systems” influence our financial outcomes
  • Why creating financial boundaries are so important?
  • How financial set points influence your financial outcomes
  • How to forgive and encourage ourselves around financial setbacks  
  • Financial self-talk drives your financial bus


  • “You can get into financial issues when given too much rope,” Dr. Moira Somers
  • “Money is an accelerate….it makes you more of who you are” Dr. Moira Somers
  • “Resilience is not fixed” Dr. Moira Somers


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