Episode #118 “The Intersection of Money with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”

Deanna Singh | DEI Expert | Speaker | Author | Consultant


Deanna Singh is a highly respected thought leader who travels the world motivating and educating audiences about living with joy and purpose. A gifted communicator, she is a champion of marginalized communities and an inspiration to all those who want to be agents of change in their work, lives, and society.

Because of her creativity, tenacity, and change-provoking honesty, Deanna Singh is in demand as a motivational speaker and educator for organizations on diversity, equity & inclusion – Deanna has been awarded with many recognitions over the years for her work.


– Deanna shares her money story and how it was formed based on two different cultures

– Deanna discusses, despite having little economic resources growing up, her parents’ ability to lead by example showed Deanna the power of action

– The importance of recognizing our levels of privilege (economic privilege)

– How naming our privilege helps us reduce the shame that often compels us to deny its existence

– How Deanna is building bridges within organizations by encouraging DEI

– How DEI can create more economic justice within our organizations and financial systems


– Uplifting Impact: CLICK HERE

– Deanna Singh on LinkedIn: CLICK HERE

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