Episode #115 “Why I Created A Music Album About My Money Story”

Shaun Maslyk CFP® | Financial Wellness Advocate | Podcaster | Father

RootHub | Musician | Creator | Creative Coach

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Shaun Maslyk:

As a trained and practicing Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® Shaun integrates psychology, positive psychology, and coaching psychology theories to awaken our money stories and flourish beyond our finances. Shaun is currently studying and researching the relationship between money, behavioural change, psychology and human flourishing at the University of East London.


RootHub has been travelling the world utilizing music to heal and lift spirits for almost two decades. The path of sound began for him at 18 months old when doctors successfully performed an operation that gave RootHub the ability to hear for the first time.

RootHub has a mission statement that has been present for years since he comprehended what kind of conduit he really is for music and the moment. This mission statement is: “If I can take the boot of stress off someone’s neck for a moment with sound and song, and open up dream time, where we are unbound and able to soar, then I am doing what I am born in this body to do”.


How music can help us heal and change our money stories

Learning how to embrace your inner wildly creative child

How to use self-reflection to re-write your money story

How to identify our inner money critics

Music has been scientifically shown to “selectively activate” parts of our brain that influence positivity, increase attention, and facilitate change


“Money is not the boat of life, it’s the wind in the sails”

“There’s a wealth in the peaceful practice of surrender, it tenders the map to the path of the promised land”

“Taking off the mask of shame everyone can see just who I am In broad daylight”


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GET YOUR OWN CUSTOM MONEY STORY SONG: Email Shaun at shaun@themosthatedfword.com

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