Episode #111 “How To Heal Money Issues”

David Jetson | Financial Therapist | Author


Creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to simplify and clearly describe complex human patterns are the qualities Dave Jetson brings to his audiences. Dave is a national and international speaker, workshop developer, and author. Dave uses intuitive experiential therapy to help clients deal with and work through emotional trauma. His team-building presentations for businesses and organizations focus on how individuals’ emotional history affects the work environment.

Dave’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Investment Advisor, Self, and QI – The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness.


  • How we can heal our money issues
  • How we can benefit from financial therapy
  • Understanding our emotional truth, to find happiness and wealth
  • Connecting to the emotions attached to your money held within your subconscious
  • The benefits of examing our money story to make meaningful change
  • How couples can resolve the most significant fights over money
  • Why feeling your feelings associated with money is critically important


  • “When we live in a situation, we can’t see the fullness of it ” David Jetson
  • ‘The patterns we live in, dictate our life” David Jetson


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