Episode #106 “Why Do We Work?”

Ben Johnson | Business Coach | Writer | Podcaster |


Ben helps a growing community of agitators, innovators and marketing misfits transform their organizations, and create positive impact and useful companies.

Ben host a podcast called Peripheral Thinking: his blog, podcast and youtube channel: to inspire you with ideas and thinking from the periphery: be its ancient wisdom, indigenous thought, eastern philosophy, storytelling and or contemporary understanding of mind and science.


  • The value of slowing down to take “notice” of how we react to money
  • Why cultivating self-awareness is critical in aspiring to change our financial behaviours
  • Why do we use money as a way to be seen, heard and value
  • Our learning opportunity is creating space by pausing and getting comfortable with the discomfort when we pause.
  • The importance of asking ourselves, “Why do we work?”
  • How embracing the messiness of endings can offer life’s greatest lessons
  • The significance of work, sex, money and drama


  • “Daddy, why do you work?” Ben Johnson’s 4-year-old son


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