Episode #27 “Gifting Financial Courage”

With Scott Hannah | CEO & President of the Credit Counselling Society


  • How Scott’s organization has helped their clients repay over $500,000,000 of debts
  • Scott’s view on how clients can “build courage” to take back control of their money
  • Why having clarity is essential when taking control of your money
  • How consumers can be proactive vs reactive
  • Why adding “slack” into our financial lives brings clarity, confidence and courage
  • How taking the weight off the debt off your shoulder’s changes everything
  • Why understanding your “values” will keep you financially grounded
  • Why “humility” is so necessary to Scott
  • How the invincible impact of stress is impacting us at work
  • Scott is a servant leader. His words will inspire you


  • “Everyone talks about the killing they made in the stock market; no one wants to talk about how the stock market killed them” Scott Hannah
  • “Who cares if you don’t have the nicest car in the neighbourhood” Scott Hannah
  • “We give people back control” Scott Hannah


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