Episode #72: “Evolve Your Money Mindset with The Canadian Couch Potato “

With Dan Bortolotti | Portfolio Manager | Author | Podcaster


Dan began his career as a journalist, spending more than 20 years as a magazine writer and editor and publishing nine nonfiction books. He eventually specialized in writing about personal finance, with a focus on low-cost index investing. Dan was introduced to the PWL Toronto team while working on an article for MoneySense magazine in 2012.

Dan received his Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Investment Manager designations in 2015.

Canadian Couch Potato, Dan’s popular investing blog, debuted in 2010 and continues to be one of the most trusted resources in the country. His podcast of the same name was launched in 2016 to bring the message to a wider audience.


  • How Dan’s new Book ‘Reboot Your Portfolio” can help you successfully invest in evidence-based ETFs
  • Why Dan started the wildly successful podcast and blog “The Canadian Couch Potato.”
  • Why having a “journalistic” mindset can help you evolve your thinking
  • How embracing curiosity helped “evolve” Dan’s perspective on personal finance
  • Why not coming from an investing background, serves as one of Dan’s biggest strengths
  • How embracing skepticism has helped Dan become a better planner, thinker, and creator
  • We discuss fees, financial advice and what you should be looking for
  • How Dan is making sound financial advisor accessible for many people


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