Episode #127 “Nature: An Affordable and Science-Backed Way to Find Happiness and Well-Being”

Professor John Zelensky Ph.D. | Professor | Author | Researcher |


Welcome to another episode of The Most Hated F-Word, where we examine our minds, money, and what matters most so we can live a deeply rich life. Today we have a special guest, Professor John Zelensky from Carleton University. John is a researcher and director of the Carleton University Happiness Laboratory, where he studies individual differences in happiness and how personality manifests itself ‘in the moment’ as emotional and cognitive processes.

Why You Should Listen:

In a world where we obsess over finding happiness, John argues that one of the accessible and impactful areas of life that can bring us happiness is often overlooked: nature. During this episode, John will share his research on the well-being benefits of interacting with nature in a meaningful way. He will explain how developing a connection with nature has been scientifically proven to increase our well-being and how going outside and being in nature is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to add elements of well-being to our lives. John’s research also explores the fascinating topic of “self-concept”. While many of us think that money is the best way to boost our self-concept by acquiring material possessions, status, and security, these attempts are often limited. Instead, John’s research has shown the psychological benefits that build our self-concept from having a connective relationship with nature.


– The well-being benefits of the relationship between nature and well-being

– How to build our self-concept by connecting with nature

– How we can cultivate deeper subjective connections with nature

– The role of nature in promoting pro-social and sustainable behaviours

– The impact of nature experiences on reducing stress and increasing attention restoration


– Dr. Zelensky’s website: CLICK HERE

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