Episode #12: “What is Money Shame?”

Natasha Knox: Speaker, Fee-Only Financial Planner and Financial Educator

For me this conversation had three main themes:

  1. What is money shame?
  2. Finding Aspirational Spending
  3. Creating a Family Vision: For money and life
  4. Remember “The Three you’s”

During my conversation with Natasha, I found the following topics very interesting:

Money Shame:

How money shame can impact everyone. It does not discriminate. Often we are blind or unaware of money shame and the impacts that it has on not only our money relationships, but our lives. Natasha shares how she started to gain control of this money share.


Just like many of us, overspending was a concern for Natasha. Natasha shares with us how growing up in her social environment led to developing coping mechanisms in order to fit in. This would lead to her overspending. Once she decided to “unpack” its origin, she started to gain control over her spending

Opportunity Cost:

Natasha shares her perspective on opportunity cost and how she uses it to “buy time” for herself. How to take care of short, medium and long term version of ourselves.

Family Vision:

Natasha and her husband spend time developing their family vision. This is a vision they want for their family. Having a family vision helps them align their spending with the vision or the family. How they have created a life centered around their kids. Time together is a special treat.

Aspirational Spending:

We talk about aspirational spending and how it can impact our bank accounts. Additionally, we talk about a tool to combat against aspirational spending

Communication with your Spouse:

Natasha shares valuable insight on how she and her spouse have practiced positive communication with each other.

Quote from the show:

Do the work to become the person you want to be. INSTEAD of spending to become the person I want to be” Natasha Knox


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