Episode #102 “Creating New Money Stories & Teaching Kids About Money”

With Will Rainey | Award-Winning Author |


Will Rainey is a writer and speaker focused on helping parents teach their kids about money. He is the author of the children’s book, Grandpa’s Fortune Fables. His work has appeared in the Financial Times, iNews and The National News.
His website, bluetreesavings.com, has helped thousands of parents start talking to their kids about money. He has been invited to speak at Fortune 500 (Global) companies.

Before starting bluetreesavings.com, Will was an award-winning investment consultant. He was providing investment advice to governments, insurance companies and some of the world’s largest pension schemes


  • How to cultivate the courage to live beyond the spreadsheets
  • How/why Will and his wife decided “step out of line” from the “normal” lifelong career path
  • Why Will and his family decided to move to Hoi Ann, Vietnam
  • The art of embracing balance with money, time and happiness
  • How stepping out of the workforce allowed Will to cultivate his inner creative side
  • Will explains how he became “wealthier” once he decided to stop working
  • Why Will chose to write a children’s book about money
  • How Will is helping parents learn and teach their kids about money


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