Episode #101 “What is Finology & Financial Planning 3.0?”

Jacob Wagner CDMP | Co-founded the What is Finology? | Founder of Digital Marketing 4FP |


Jake is the driving force behind getting Financial Planning 3.0 published and on bookshelves. Since Dick’s passing, he has maintained the vision and drive to get the What is Finology project to be what it is today. He has a strong internal understanding of Dick Wagner’s body of work.

Jake has studied currency theory with his mentor, Bernard Lietaer. He worked for Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute (now Integral Life), enabling him to be an expert in the integral framework and Integral Finance.

Jake is the founder of Digital Marketing 4FP, a marketing agency focusing on CFP® Professionals and RIAs. He has studied the art and craft of digital marketing with Digital Marketer, Billy Gene is Marketing, Lee Goff and numerous other digital marketing experts.

Jake is passionate about helping our civilization have a better relationship with money and exchanging value.


  • Why you need to understand the newly emerging field of Finology
  • Why tapping into our relationship with money can be a profound teacher
  • Why money as a force is singularly persuasive
  • How Financial Planning 3.0 may save the world
  • Hear about the skills for humanity in money
  • Understand the study of money and how people exchange value
  • Why Finology was created to address the personal nature of money’s role in modern society


  • “Money is giving and receiving” Jake Wagner
  • “How financial planning and financial planners shape culture and society?” Jake Wagner
  • “It’s amazing what comes up when we tap into our relationship with money” Jake Wagner
  • “Economies are not machines and our money contains the elements of our souls. We must learn to talk about money with a new language” – Dick Wagner


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