Dining in Edmonton: Top 10 Places to Eat that Serve Up Great Prices

Did you see the last post about the quest for good food at good prices?

Luckily, there is no shortage of great places to dine out in Edmonton. By using the happiness per unit calculation, my wife and I were able to determine that we found the greatest happiness experiences when we found amazing food at great prices. This balance keeps us going back to some of our favourite places in the city again and again.

Food may not be your thing, but you can use this same happiness per unit calculation for whatever your thing is!

Since food definitely brings my wife and I happiness, we tend to seek out great dining experiences as a way to ‘buy’ happiness.  Based on the research from Howell and Guevarra, people report greater happiness levels when they ‘spent’ their money on positive experiences.

So, if you’re a foodie like us, jump in to Edmonton’s dining scene.

Open up your wallet (not all the way) and visit some of these gems that offer great food at great prices!

These restaurants are in no particular order—except maybe based on my current cravings! Please share some of your favourites with us so that we can check them out!

  1. Noodle Feast: 3440 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB
    1. The noodles legitimately melt in your mouth
    1. Our favourites: Hand Pulled Noodles Minced Pork Sauce ($11.99) and Hot Chili Oil and Chinese Chive and Pork Dumplings ($10.99)
  • DeRose Bros: 9928 67 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
    • This place is hidden off 99 Street, but totally worth visiting
    • The sandwiches are packed with quality ingredients that leave your taste buds wanting more
    • The family owners are so incredibly friendly. On our first visit we even got to sample some of their charcuterie meats!
    • Our favourites: The Fettine ($12.50) and Philly Cheese Steak ($9.50)
  • Paraiso Tropical: 9136 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
    • This small and lively Latino grocery store serves up authentic hot latino food
    • Our favourites: The Mexican tamale and cheese empanadas (about $3.50 each)
  • Coco Deep Fried Chicken: 12620 132 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
    • I can’t get enough of this Korean fried chicken. Every single time we go the chicken is perfect. So incredibly juicy!
    • Our favourite: Sweet N Hot Coco Pack (6 pieces for $12.99) and a couple sides of house made kimchi ($1.96) each
  • Pho Hoan Pasteur: 11443 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB
    • Consistently flavorful delicious pho and vermicelli bowls
    • Our favourite: 5 Color Vermicelli Bowl ($14.50) and a small Beef Satay Soup ($11.99)
  • Island Grill: 15203 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB
    • Charred and spiced to perfection (I should say, I actually don’t know what perfect Jamaican cooking is… however, to my taste buds… it’s perfect!)
    • Our favourites: Two orders of jerk chicken ($5.25 each) and two mouthwatering Jamaican patties ($3.75 each)
  • Grain of Rice: 1312 Webber Greens Drive Northwest, Edmonton, AB
    • The owners pride themselves on using locally-sourced ingredients and you can certainly taste it
    • Our favourite: On Tuesdays from 5:30 – 9:30PM their Beef and Rice Noodle dish is on special for $10. This dish is amazing. The first time we visited this restaurant was a few weeks after we came home from China and the dish was perfect!
  • Chix Shack: 10149 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB
    • The food here instantly transports us back to the streets of Thailand. It’s fresh, delicious and priced extremely well
    • Our favourites: Pad Thai ($12.00), Green Curry ($12.00), and coconut rice ($3.00)
  • Ichiban Sushi: 8750 149 St NW, Edmonton, AB
    • In university, we fell in love with sushi and luckily enough we found Ichiban. They have fresh sushi for affordable prices
    • Our favourites: Tuna/salmon (2 pieces for $4.20 each), Sunshine Maki ($9.50) and Lava Lava Maki ($10.50)
  1. Spinelli Bar Italia (The Italian Centre): 10878 95 St, Edmonton, AB
    1. I was in Italy a loooooong time ago, so I am not really a good source when I say, “being at Spinelli’s makes me feel like being at an Italian café…”  but it does!
    1. The food and baking goods are insanely good. For me, maybe the best croissant and Danish in the city
    1. Our favourites: Margarita Pizza ($13.00) or Capricciosa Pizza ($14.00) and the pistachio Danish ($2.75)

Now, the places above where picked based on great food for a great price.

But I am huge believer in treating yourself and doing something special every now and again. When we decided to eat at a restaurant and remove price from our criteria, we find ourselves at RGE RD.

  • RGE RD: 10643 123 St NW, Edmonton, AB
    • I can’t think of a more inviting and cozier restaurant than RGE RD. Their Chef, Blair Lebsack, has done an amazing job bringing consistently and delicious food to Edmonton. The food, ambiance, smell and experience certainly lives up to their promise “Eat off the beaten path”
    • Our favourites: beef tartare, kitchen board, Pilatus Farms Bison, and the market special beef

Now this was just a small SAMPLE of our ever-growing list of delicious well-priced things to eat in Edmonton. I would love to hear about yours!

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    June 20, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Great post. Can’t wait to try some of these places out!

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      June 21, 2019 at 8:09 pm

      Steve, hope you enjoy and let me know any of your gems!

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