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It’s Time.

The title of this blog post, It’s Time, was the answer I recently gave to someone when they asked me, “Why did you plan a personal finance conference? The word personal finances makes me want to vomit.”

I can see where he was coming from: organizing a conference around personal finance isn’t like planning a music festival where people are lining up to get tickets. Take the Edmonton Folk Festival for example—tickets sell out before you can blink your eyes (by the way, Folk Fest is awesome).

Despite any obstacles, I feel deeply feel that it’s time to have an event like “Shifting Your F-inancial Course” because that’s the thing: people aren’t talking about finance the way they need to, we shy away from it, it’s not ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ the way that other things may be… but you know what: IT CAN BE! It should be! It impacts every aspect of our lives!

Planning a day-long conference on a Saturday can be a challenge. Planning a day-long personal finance conference on a Saturday can be more of challenge, but I am up for the task because I know it will offer lasting value to those that attend.

I am confident you will thoroughly enjoy this conference, so I don’t feel bad asking you to eek out  time on a Saturday to come. I am serious!

Another reason that I decided to host this conference was that I was motivated by new statistics from a recent study by OnePoll (on behalf of the impact investing platform CNote) that looked at 2,000 people exploring the feelings people most commonly associated with money. 

What did the study show? Are you ready for this?

  • 16% would rather sit through a steamy sex scene with their parents than tell them about their biggest financial mistake
  • 20% would rather spend an hour in jail than build a five-year financial plan
  • 34% would rather spend an hour in traffic than go over their money mistakes with a financial advisor
  • 47% would rather drink orange juice after brushing their teeth than spill their biggest money secret with a friend
  • 34% would rather post their most embarrassing photo of themselves on social media than post a screenshot of their bank account

So, as you can see, we need to get together, drink some beer, eat some good food, listen to some awesome speakers, and get talking about this stuff!

Be there: September 28. I promise you won’t feel like you are in jail drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.

With these statistics in mind, I know that gathering up 200 people won’t be as easy as selling Backstreet Boys tickets to the 90’s female population; however, I know like we need this conference. I FEEL like it is the right thing to do in order to kick off important conversations.

Catherine Bermona, CEO of CNote, said, “Talking about money is such a social taboo, but if we start a dialog and push through that uneasiness, we can empower people to not only build a better financial future for themselves, but to also cause positive social change.”

Let’s all make a change together. Let’s all get a ticket for ourselves, our spouse, and our friends.

And remember, proceeds from the event will be donated to Junior Achievement—so it’s a major win-win!

Get your tickets here

Looking forward to catching up with you in person!


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