YEG’s Ultimate Chicken Expedition

YEG’s Ultimate Chicken Expedition  

If you like delicious food local to Edmonton, if you like hanging out with your friends and getting outside (yes, even in the winter!), and if you like spending very little money (check, check and check!), then hunker down and read this post! 

Disclaimer: I am not a vegetarian or vegan. I do understand and respect the different views and perspectives that people have about food. We are always open to eating our veggies and the menu below certainly does not reflect our day-to-day diets. BUT, my friends, the Ultimate Chicken Expedition is ALL about chicken.

In the post Dining Out: The Ongoing Quest for Good Food at Great Prices,I shared my formula that helps us determine what is a good price for a meal. This little formula has helped us financially sustain our love for dining out (and supporting local, small business restaurants) for years! 

With this formula in mind, I created to Ultimate Chicken Expedition! Each location was intentionally chosen with strict criteria:

  • The food needed to be AMAZING
  • The food needed to be inexpensive but DELICIOUS
  • The restaurant needed to have a unique element or feel to it  
  • The restaurant preferably needed to be locally-owned 

Note: there was one exception, an international chain

Not only is this about the food, which does play a LARGE part because it’s so damn good, but also, it’s about grabbing a group of people and having a wonderful afternoon exploring our city for 3 – 4 hours. For me, this is money well spent.

  • Inexpensive but value added – check!
  • Supporting local – check! 
  • Socializing with your friends/family – check!
  • Making your taste buds dance with delicious flavors – CHECK!

The Route: 

I know it’s a little chilly out there right now, so a vehicle is recommended for the winter months. But come springtime, grab a sweater and Lime Scooter or bike, and I promise you will have blast! 

The pricing below is based on six people.

IMPORTANT: I know this will be hard, but based on my first-hand experience… you need to pace yourself! As a marathon runner, I know the importance of pacing. I caution you that during this chicken-eating marathon, your brain will tell you: “It’s okay, we can order more.” But don’t! Just like running, you will hit the wall and it hurts! Order wisely to make it to the finish line! 

Stop #1: 

  • Kazoku Ramen: 16518 100 Avenue Edmonton, AB 
  • What to eat: Two orders of Spicy Karaage 
  • Why: The Chicken is SO GOOD. They use dark meat, and it’s so juicy. Plus, their homemade dipping sauce is top notch. 
  • Cost: Around $27 for 6 people = $4.5 per person 
  • Locally owned: Yes 
  • Unique: The dark meat they use on the karaage and the cool painting on the wall 

Stop #2 

  • Island Grill: 15203 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB 
  • Distance: Only 1.8KM from Kazoku (6-minute drive or 7-minute bike/scooter)
  • What to eat: Jerk Chicken with oxtail sauce on the side 
  • Why: Because it’s complex tasting, the marinade gives the chicken a lovely sweet and spicy flavor. Island Grill is so consistent with their taste. Be careful as they do run out! 
  • Cost: Three orders of the $5.99 jerk chicken only and three peanut butter punch drinks for $2.75. Total cost $26.22 = $4.37 per person 
  • Locally Owned: Yes 
  • Unique: The restaurant is in a cool mid-century modern building. It is family-owned and operated, and you can feel the love! Check out the smoking pouring out of the kitchen!

Stop #3:

  • Northern Chicken: 10704 124 Street, Edmonton, AB 
  • Distance: 4.2KM from Island Grill (9-minute drive or 15-minute bike/scooter)
  • What to eat: Nashville Hot Fried Chicken (6 pieces for 6 people) and a side of Doritos Mac n Cheese. Also try one of their many beer selections or whiskey.
  • Why: Because Nashville Hot Fried is a perfect mix of hot and crispy. And, I mean, who doesn’t like mac n cheese and cheese Doritos – once you combine these… oh my!
  • Cost: 1 order of 6-piece chicken is $24.99 and side of mac n cheese is $7.00 (small). Total cost is $31.99 =  $5.33 per person 
  • Locally Owned: Yes
  • Unique: The picnic style eating inside and the drink selection is top notch! Last time we were there they even served OE in a brown bag!

Stop #4:

(Note: opens at 3PM)

  • Coco Deep Fried Chicken 12620 132 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB 
  • Distance: 5KM from Northern Chicken (10-minute drive or 19-minute bike/scooter). Okay, this one is a little far BUT, in the summer, I promise this will be a nice break from all the food. Plus, being outside is good for your health (to offset all the fried chicken you are consuming).
  • What to eat: Order 6-piece of their Sweet n Hot and either 6 Snow Cheese (fried chicken dusted in cheese) or 6 Soy Garlic. Personally, I really like the Snow Cheese. I also suggest getting 3 sides of their homemade kimchi/daikon pickles. 
  • Cost: Total cost: $33.05! That is for 12 pieces of chicken. Coco’s has the best value in my eyes. The quality is unbelievable, and the price is amazing = $5.50 per person. 
  • Locally Owned: Yes
  • Unique: Korean fried chicken is different than the other fried chicken on the tour. Why? Korean fried chicken is fried twice! As you enter the restaurant, you can see Coco’s is all about the food. 

Stop #5 – Final Stop

(Note: opens at 5PM on Saturdays)

  • Arcadia: 10988 124 Street, Edmonton, AB
  • Distance: 4.4KM from Coco Fried Chicken (9-minute drive or 18-minute bike/scooter). This is a good time to work off more of the delicious chicken you consumed!
  • What to drink: Ask the owner for a recommendation as they serve amazing Alberta beer. Unfortunately, they don’t serve wine or spirits, but their beer selection is well worth it. 
  • Unique: The owner is so passionate about beer and bringing the best quality and variety to this bar.
  • Cost: $6.50 – $8.00 for a beer
  • Locally Owned: Yes

So, there you have it, YEG’s Ultimate Chicken Expedition.  Depending if you drive or bike, this will take about 3 – 6 hours, and you will experience amazing food, some exercise, delicious drinks and socializing with your friends all for around $26.70. If you drive, this works out to about $7.60 an hour or $4.45 an hour for biking. 

To me, money is meant to be spent on things that fill our souls. And I feel this tour does that perfectly!

I know many other amazing chicken places didn’t make this list, but I was trying to make it bikeable. Feel free to drop some names in the comments though!

Now, I need some help! What is your go-to great value and great taste chicken place in Edmonton?

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