Retirement: A Start Line, Not a Finish Line

With Dan Haylett | Director of Growth | Financial Planner | Podcaster


In this conversation, Dan and Shaun unravel the common misconceptions about retirement. They share personal experiences and explore how true wealth involves much more than money—it’s also about having time, strong social connections, and freedom. They discuss how retirement should be a mix of relaxation, meaningful activities, and personal growth. Dan breaks down retirement into three phases: the active “go-go years,” the slower “go-slow years,” and the quieter “no-go years,” stressing the importance of planning your finances to fit these stages. Dan touches on the challenges of shifting from saving to spending and highlights the importance of thoughtful planning about what you’re retiring to. Dan encourages finding a trusted financial planner to help make the most of retirement, reminding us that time is priceless, and it’s crucial to consider how we use it and who we share it with.


Dan Haylett is dedicated to inspiring retirees to embrace life and experience true wealth. As a co-director of TFP, his driving purpose is to help clients focus their time and money on what truly matters. With a deep understanding of the emotional, behavioural, and financial challenges that come with life after work, Dan is uniquely positioned to guide retirees toward the freedom and confidence they need to fully enjoy their retirement years. His commitment ensures that every client can take full advantage of the gift of their retirement years.


  • Retirement is not just about leisure activities; it should involve meaningful work, personal growth, and learning.
  • Wealth is not solely defined by money; it includes time, social connections, and freedom.
  • Clients have the answers; financial planners should listen and create a safe space for deeper conversations.
  • Helping clients define what true wealth means to them is crucial for a fulfilling retirement.
  • Retirement is a new era for personal growth and pursuing passions that may have been put on hold.
  • The concept of retirement as a finish line and decline is flawed; it should be seen as a start line for a new chapter in life. Retirement is an opportunity to explore who we want to be and spend our time and money on our passions.
  • Retirement can be divided into three phases: the go-go years, go-slow years, and no-go years.
  • Time is worth more than money, and it is important to prioritize how we spend our time and who we spend it with.


  • “Wealth doesn’t mean money.”
  • “The answer to how much is enough is so much lower than what they thought it was.”
  • “Retirement allows feeling free and being curious about exploring who we want to be.”
  • “Our spending pattern should be in line with how our healthy years and longevity will be.”
  • “Moving from a savings habit to a spending mindset is one of the most challenging things in retirement.”


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