Episode #69 “How to Think, Feel and Behave Differently with Money”

With Nathan Astle | Financial Therapist | Couples and Family Therapist | Founder of Relational Money


Nathan Astle, M.S., LMFT-T is a couples and family therapist with a focus in financial therapy. He has clinical and research focus in couples and financial conflict, financial trauma, and intimate partner violence. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Financial Therapy Association and is the founder of Relational Money, a training platform for financial advisors to gain the soft skills needed in the professions of money and people. He is published in both academic journals and various national media outlets. His long-term aspirations are to create a Financial Therapy Institute and create continued research for the field of financial therapy.

Find him on Twitter @nate_astle or his company @relationalmoney.


  • What is financial infidelity?
  • How financial infidelity impacts many coupleships
  • Why money and sex can act as a “window” into our deeper self
  • The impacts of shame on our financial health
  • How to develop finanical empathy and compassion


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