Episode #22 “Can Fornicating Rabbits Make you Wealthy?”

With Robert Brown | Personal Finance Writer, Author and Speaker


Personal finance writer, speaker and enthusiast. Rob is the author of the Canadian bestselling personal finance book “Wealthing Like Rabbits – An Original Introduction to Personal Finance.”

Rob has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Reader’s Digest, and being a guest on NewsTalk 1010 and MoneyTalks, a BNN personal finance production.



  • Let’s simplify everything personal finances.
    • Earn Money
    • Save Money
    • Stay out of dumb debt.
    • Avoid Keeping of with the Jones
  • BUT….as simple as it is……it’s tough to implement
  • What is the difference between “wealthing” and “saving”
  • How fornicating rabbits can make you wealthy
  • Robert really focuses on the simple BUT compelling impact of compound interest.
  • Rob walks through DEBT and how to use it responsibly and what to avoid.
  • Rob shares how credit card companies deliberating steal money from consumers.
  • How to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interests on your mortgage


“The first step to handling our credits for everyone to fully accept that when we use our credit cards, we aren’t; ‘t paying we are borrowing” Rob Brown


Robert’s book “Wealthing Like Rabbits: An Original and Occasionally Hilarious Introduction to the World of Personal Finance”

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