Increasing Well-Being: The Power of Positive Psychology and Financial Planning

with Jared Rabinowitz | Serial Entrepreneur | Founding Partner Q Wealth |


In this episode, I am delighted to speak with serial entrepreneur and founding partner of Q-Wealth, Jared Rabinowitz. Our conversation centers around the significance of positive psychology in Jared’s life, his career, and the financial planning industry as a whole. Jared shares his journey integrating positive psychology at Q-Wealth, reshaping how we approach money and financial planning by focusing on wealth, wellness, and well-being. We discuss the profound impact of meaning and intentionality in wealth management, highlighting Jared’s insights on enhancing financial well-being through positive psychology. This episode embodies the mission of Q-Wealth, ‘where money meets meaning’.


  • The integration of positive psychology into the financial planning process
  • The impact of relationships and an abundance mindset in the financial industry
  • The evolution and reinvention of Q-Wealth Partners
  • Exploring how social connections intersect with positive psychology and financial planning, emphasizing meaning, time, and intentionality in managing wealth.
  • The future of financial planning shifts towards coaching-based practices, focusing on clients’ intrinsic motivations, personality, and psychology to define and achieve life goals.
  • The marriage of positive psychology and money aims to create a more accessible and transformative experience for clients, focusing on a coaching component and a focus on EQ over IQ.


  • “Money is an excellent servant, but a terrible master.” Jared Rabinowitz


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