Episode #66 “If Money Could Talk, Let it Tell a Joke”

With Colin Ryan | Comedic Financial Speaker | Executive Presence Coach | Author


Featured everywhere from NPR to Moth Radio Hour and Reader’s Digest, Colin Ryan is a nationally in-demand, award-winning comedic financial speaker, author, and educator with the background of a professional comedian and storyteller. To date Colin has spoken to over 500,000 students and adults across North America, and was named one of the top 10 financial presenters in the U.S. Colin is the author of “A Comedic Guide to Money,” a practical gateway guide to personal finance and our relationship to money.

He uses humanizing honesty, powerful storytelling, hilarious pop-culture touchstones, and a truly inspirational message to transform the dry subject of personal finance into an interactive conversation around one core idea: your ability to manage your money directly affects your ability to have the life you want.


  • How embodying and “inclusionary” mindset can broaden your finacnial mindset
  • Why using humour can allow you to cope with life’s enviable mistakes and missteps
  • How sharing our money mistakes out loud, help us connect on a deeper level
  • How listening to ourselves can create a healthy relationship with money
  • Why shining a light on your financial shame can move your towards a healthier relationship with money
  • How embracing fear has the potential to change your money story
  • Why understanding your money beliefs, your money origin story, can change your life’s story


  • “Don’t be boring” Colin Ryan
  • “Fear is normal. It’s natural. Lean In” Colin Ryan
  • “Humor can chase away the darkness” Colin Ryan


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