Episode #38: “Financially functioning to flourishing”

With Sarah D. Asebedo, Ph.D., CFP® | Financial Planning Researcher | Author | Educator | Speaker


Sarah D. Asebedo, Ph.D., CFP®, is an experienced researcher, teacher, and practitioner in financial planning. She is currently spearheading research focused on the application of positive psychology to financial planning, financial behaviour change and many other topics. Her work has been published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, Psychology and Aging, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Financial Planning Review and many many more.

Sarah is a current member and past president of the Financial Therapy Association. She earned her Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University.


  • What is the field of positive psychology?
  • What does it mean to flourish?
  • How to integrate positive psychology with financial planning
  • Using the PERMA model with financial planning
  • Becoming financially resilient


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