Episode #16: “How to Budget For Happiness”

Dr. Matt Goren PhD, CFP | Assistance Professor of Financial Planning


Matt J. Goren, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Financial Planning at The American College of Financial Services. Goren is an acclaimed teacher and speaker who focuses on the interplay of personal finance and psychology. His personal finance radio show and podcast, Nothing Funny About Money. Goren has worked as a pro bono financial advisor and instructor, and he has worked with over 4,000 individuals across the United States.

In 2017, his team at the University of Georgia’s ASPIRE Clinic was named Pro Bono Advisors of the Year by Financial Planning Magazine.

He received his doctorate in psychology from the University of California Berkeley in 2014 and his CFP® in 2018.


  • Hear Dr. Goren’s perspective on how “financial independence “can “sometimes” lead you to your own “rat race”
  • How extreme frugality can be harmful
  • Dr. Goren speaks about the detriments of contingent self-esteem
  • Hear about the danger of wrapping your identity around things you can’t control
  • Why spending money on vacations brings creates so much joy
  • How the hedonic treadmill will keep you from achieving wealth and happiness
  • Learn how to budget for happiness – THIS IS AWESOME
  • Learn the best ways to spend your money for happiness


  • “Wealth and yourself worth are rooted in yourself” Dr. Matt Goren
  • “The more you micromanage your money, the worst off your money becomes” Dr. Matt Goren
  • “Despite our houses are now bigger, we are becoming less and less happy” Dr. Matt Goren
  • “Material items CAN’T meet your expectations” Dr. Matt Goren


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